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What's dmmd


dramatical murder is a bl game/visual novel that takes place in the dystopian island of Midorijima, where a plague of horrible fashion taste has struck there’s tons of gangs and no moral distinction between cops and yakuza and everyone passes their time by playing video games, beating the shit out of eachother or just tryna get by in the extremely sketch place they call Home

anyway you play as the protagonist Aoba “Acceptable In The 80’s” Seragaki

whose secret powers you’ll find out about if you decide to play dmmd and whose secret secret power is

a very small but very powerful bammin slammin booty that will not only fit in the palm of your hand but drag you to yaoi hell with it if you are not careful

aoba is equipped with many traits required to make you instantly fall in love with him, including a Tragic Back Story(TM), an endless supply of sass that discriminates against no target, a blue mullet, and a constant state of General Confusion that makes you look at him and think “hey, you know what, me too aoba”

when you start out playing the game you start in what’s called the common route, which sets the stage, gets the ball rolling and opens up the main plot. throughout the common route you’ll be given choices at certain points, and whose route you go down once the common route branches off is decided by the choices you make

there are 5 different boyfriends whose routes you can go down and either fall in love with or ruin the life of, including an emo hairdresser samurai

your friendly neighborhood part-time hot topic employee/full-time meme

porno mary poppins

a cinnamon flavored bara

and also your dog

do you want to play yet??? c’mon your fucking dog has a route of course you at least want to check it out

(oh and technically these weirdos

who, if you’re thinking “sweet! i’ve always wanted to bang twins!”, will also throw you a curveball)

each route has a “good” and “bad” ending (some have two bad ends tho??) and within these routes you’ll find a lot of really great things like Friendship and Porn (mostly in the good ends) but also some scary things like noncon, violence, guro, etc. (which is mostly in the bad ends) HOWEVER.  general warning for all of the above throughout the entire game. it’d not something you’d wanna play if any of those trigger you, nor is it something you’d want to play, say, at a family gathering with nothing behind you and your curious baby cousins wondering what you’re doing

BUT IN ALL SERIOUSNESS. it’s a really fucking cool game with really fuckin cool characters and a really fuckin cool storyline, it can get especially funny and weird and ridiculous at times but it’s also very deep and has an intricate plot that will make you gasp in horror and laugh out loud and cry helplessly and ponder life at every turn. i was very apprehensive about playing it at first but once i got into it it was nothing like what i expected and obviously it has completely sucked me in and taken over my life……………………………. like it’ll make you think about shit man if ur anything like me yoU’LL GET HELLA INVESTED IN THE PLOT AND THE CHARACTERS AND EVERYTHING

if you’re interested and want to download it there’s a link to do so in my faq, but if you don’t want to download it on a family computer or even just go through all that jazz you can look up a lot of dmmd playthroughs on youtube

good luck on ur journey to yaoi hell if you so decide to make it

Woohyun and his cooking skills; If he wasn’t a singer, he would’ve become an athlete or a chef because he’s good at cooking.

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He had done the same pose everytime.

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2/ reasons why i love shin dongwoo - his love for the fans ♥